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Teyla & Rodney Fanfiction and Fanart

Teyla/Rodney Fan Fiction
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Welcome to teyla_mckay, the community for shippers of Teyla Emmagan and Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis. You can post here anything you want, fic, art, vids, icons, mood themes, etc... as long as it is related to Teyla and Rodney.

This community was originally created by remey, but has now been handed over to newkidfan.

Rules and guidelines

1. When posting, give a descriptive title to your entry.
Fic: "Title" by Author (Rating).
Art: "Title" by Artist (Rating).
Vid: "Title" by Vidder (Rating).

2. Remember to use an lj-cut if your post is long or contains images. Small teasers are allowed. Note that when posting icons, at least one of the icon teasers must feature Teyla and/or Rodney.

3. Tag your entry. If you don't know how to do that or if you're a new member, please read the community tag guide -- currently under construction... use common sense in the meantime; it's pretty much self-explanatory.

4. New community promotions are allowed once, and have to be related to Stargate: Atlantis, Teyla or Rodney. Established community announcements are only allowed if it's about Teyla/Rodney. Tag your post as indicated in the tag guide.

5. Be nice and have fun.

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