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15 June 2008 @ 10:31 pm
Wedding Night by LSB1302  
Hi, I have been lurking for a while and decided to post this story I wrote a few week's back during a round of chemo, at the prodding of a friend who said "What's the point in writing fanfic if no one is going to read it but you." Hope this is ok.

Title: Wedding Night
Summary: Teyla and Rodney's wedding night.
Pairing: Teyla/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Established Relationship, First Time, Romance, AU'ish
Word Count: 1326
Notes: This is an AU'ish fic. It is set in Atlantis however both Teyla and Rodney are different from how they are portrayed in the show. I wrote it with the idea that Teyla waited until their wedding night to sleep with Rodney and that she was a virgin.
Additional Notes: This is my only my second piece of fanfic and my first Teyla/Rodney piece so comments and concrit are very, very welcome. Also this has not been beta'd so all mistakes are mine.

Wedding Night.

A nervous Teyla Emmagen looked into the mirror, trying to find her confidence. A confused, fearful woman stared back. *No, it's Teyla McKay now*, she thought. Today had been her wedding. And between the vows and the dancing, the toasts and the cake-cutting, the congratulations and teasing remarks, she had almost forgotten about tonight.

And now here she was, in their new quarters, wearing the nightgown that had been Elizabeth’s present for her, and Rodney would soon be here. And she was a nervous wreck. She couldn't believe it.

Elizabeth had insisted she open the box, and then had left, saying she would send Rodney in in about a half-hour. Now Teyla was even more nervous. Slipping the peignoir on over the nightgown, she went into the bathroom and nervously began to brush her hair. All too soon, she heard the main door open and close, then Rodney's footsteps and his voice.


"I'm in here," she said, trying to keep the ridiculous tremble out of her voice. "Just brushing my hair out."

A pause, then "All right. I'll wait out here for you."

She heard him began to whistle softly and it increased her anxiety. She wanted to hide. *Don't be ridiculous, Teyla! You're going out there to face him 'and you're not going to be afraid'.*

Forcing herself to put the brush down, she tapped the switch to turn out the lights and moved into the bedroom, the nightgown and peignoir floating around her like a gossamer cloud.

The lights were off, but Rodney had arranged four small candles in glass jars on a low shelf and turned the bed down. He had been looking out the viewport, but turned at the sound of her approaching.

"Teyla," he breathed in awe. Slowly, he moved toward her. "You look so lovely." Reaching for one hand, he brought it to his lips. Unable to meet his penetrating cerulean eyes, she lowered her gaze. With his free hand, he reached up; cupping her chin and tilting her face up. Once again, she met his gaze.

"Teyla, my beautiful Teyla*, I love you. Tonight is our night. I want nothing more than to make it special for you."

He pulled her into his arms, his hands caressing her back, and then he slid the peignoir over his shoulders. She dropped her arms, allowing it to slide off. He lifted her carefully and set her down on their bed. Bending down, he touched his lips to hers in a soft, sweet kiss. She returned it, her arms wrapping around him. His hands moved to her shoulders once more, this time sliding the straps of her nightgown down her arms and then completely off. Her panties soon followed.

Lying naked before him, Teyla couldn't help the tremble that went through her as his aroused gaze roamed her body. She had never had a man look at her this way before. His lips met hers once again, tender yet passionate. His fingers trailed along her sides, up and down twice before he broke the kiss. He stripped off his shirt and slacks then went back to her.

His hands moved to cup her breasts, his thumbs circling her nipples, causing them to swell into taut peaks. Teyla's eyes fluttered closed and she gasped softly. Leaning down, he caught one in his mouth and began to tease it lightly. Her head fell back and she let out a ragged moan. After a minute or two, he moved to the other one, giving it the same treatment.

Continuing onward, he trailed a warm path of kisses down her stomach, then back up and then down again. His hands moved to her knees, parting them as he settled himself between her thighs. His fingertips lightly brushed her inner thighs, and then moved to the sensitive skin between. She whimpered as he pressed against the soft, swollen centre of her passion, and then moaned when he slid a finger inside her, followed by a second. He began to move them in and out slowly, eliciting another moan and her legs parted further. Taking his hand away, he cupped her hips, and then leaned down. Teyla moaned in surprise when his tongue began to caress her intimate flesh.

Instinctively, she reached for down to clutch his hair. Her head rocked from side to side, moans increasing in intensity as the torrent rose higher and higher.

"Don't stop," she whimpered. But he did, rising up, kissing her stomach, her breasts, her face. Then his hands slid under her shoulders, cradling her. He looked down into her passion-glazed eyes and a wave of tenderness swept over him. "’love you," he whispered just before entering her.

She felt him inside her and the sensation stole her breath away. Her arms moved up to hold him as he braced himself above her and began to slowly move within her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Strong, powerful thrusts, deep inside of her, the tremble that shook her with each of those thrusts. His lips met hers in a fiery kiss as they climbed toward the peak.

Without any warning, the tremble became an intense, raging force that suddenly tore through her, ripping a scream from her throat. "Rodney--Rodney--*ohhh*!"

"Oh, Teyla, yes--like that--Teyla!"

She felt him explode inside her and the feeling brought her to climax again. Hips writhing, head tossing, she gave in to the most intense pleasure she'd ever experienced.

As she slowly descended from the peak, he collapsed on top of her, pressing his face into her shoulder. She continued to tremble as small aftershocks shimmered through her. As the shocks faded, lassitude slowly swept over her. She tried to keep her eyes open, but failed. Closing them, she resigned herself to sleep.

Teyla slowly opened her eyes. She didn't know why, but she thought someone was watching her. Turning her head, she saw a fully awake Rodney, propped up on one elbow beside her.

"Morning," he said softly.

"Hi," she whispered, suddenly feeling ridiculously shy again. Noticing that the covers had fallen to her waist, she reached for them. But he stopped her.

"Don't hide yourself from me, Teyla. Let me look at your beauty."

"I'm not--" she began, but he placed a gentle hand over her mouth.

"Not one word. Don't you dare say you're not beautiful." His tone was firm, but gentle, as his loving gaze swept over her. Then he leaned down, his lips coming down upon hers as his hands began to caress her.

Slowly, he entered her, her cry muffled by the pressure of his lips. After a few strokes, he stilled, and then rolled them over so she was on top. She looked down at him, puzzled, until he took her hips in his hands and guided her to move up and down. Eventually, she caught the rhythm and as she did, he left one hand on her hip and gently stroked her bottom with the other.

Teyla closed her eyes, rocking slowly, feeling the intensity build each time she came down. Then, without warning, the first wave began.

"Oh--oh--oh gods--Rodney, it's happening again!--oh gods--Rodney--Rodney--Rodney!"

Rodney pulled her down to lie atop him, thrusting up one final time, hearing her scream as she came, and the sound piercingly sweet. Then, trembling violently, she fell against him, limp. After several minutes needed to gather his bearings, he cupped her cheek in his hand.

"Are you all right, Teyla?"

"Yes, I'm all right." He pressed his lips to her forehead.

"I love you, Teyla."

"I love you, too.
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