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09 March 2008 @ 05:07 am
SGA Bigbang 'Other Het, OT4 and Threesomes' Polling -- LAST DAY!  
I'm sorry to be posting this so last minute -- I had no idea this comm existed until a few minutes ago!

thisissirius is working to get a section of 'Other Het, OT4 and Threesomes' set up for this year's sgabigbang, and has been running a poll to gauge interest in non-McShep, non-Gen, non-Sheppard/Weir fic and art -- if you are interested, please click on the link, and take the poll. She's especially interested in ARTISTS and VIDDERS, as they are a crucial part of the challenge, and seem to be in short supply....

To fill out the poll for OTHER HET, OT4 and THREESOMES, go here: http://thisissirius.livejournal.com/258759.html